Bags of Pellets

Individual Bargain Bags

Individual bargain bags. These are individual 3" by 4" baggies stuffed full of half pellets, bones, chunks and pieces Your student gets to open his/her individual bag, pull apart the pellet pieces and discover what owls eat! One baggie we took apart included 6 Skulls (1 Bird), 16 Jaws, 9 Hum., 5 Shoulder Blades, 11 Hip, and much more! And that was just a quick look!

When it is all about economy and just the bones, then the quart bargain bag filled with loose bones and partial pellets will be for you! This is an example of the typical quality of bargain bag pellets.

Bargain Owl Pellets

Quarts of Bargain Bags. They are just about the same as Individual bargain bags, only a bigger bag. These 42 groups of Pellet parts is an example, you may only have 38 piles or so depending on pellet size.

Standard Owl Pellets

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These are mostly larger pellets that have been separated into two or more pieces - or are too fragile to be called premium quality.

Home School Box

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This one-or-two person Barn Owl Pellet box* is perfect for the home schooler. It has the same Individual Bargain Bag (3"x4") as above. It is stuffed full of of half pellets, chunks, and bones, with a toothpick to tear them apart. You will need to go to these links for help in teaching; "Teaching Guide" & "Bone Chart." We pre-pack these home school kits and put them in a first class mailing box to get this low price. There will be no rush ordering available and we sometimes only ship once or twice a week. *Price includes shipping.